Come see us! Our tea shop/retail store is located inside of Black Mountain Chocolate, at 732 N. Trade St., in downtown Winston-Salem.

Our blending facility is located at 1001 N. Marshall St., inside West Salem Square, an old mill. Let us know if you'd like to stop by.

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Wholesale Inquiries:
contact Thomas Lees
Tea Ambassador, Sales

All other inquiries:
contact Chad Morris
Owner, Tea Artisan

Mailing Address:
15 W. Devonshire St.,
Winston-Salem, NC, 27127

About Chad's Chai

Values that guide us in selecting and creating these amazing teas, values that set Chad’s Chai & Tea Company apart:

  • Magic happens!  When blending teas and spices, we’ve found that every once in a while you stumble across a blend that can truly be described as magical!  Those are the moments we treasure and seek to deliver to you.
  • Less is more.  We like to keep things simple, and we stick to a few star teas that have proven themselves time after time.
  • Keep it real.  We believe that artificial is the opposite of who we are. Our teas contain nothing artificial--and never will.
  • Let your taste-buds go first.  We sample all kinds of teas in search of those that stand out.  Our main mission is to bring you teas packed full of phenomenal taste and aroma.
  • Organic is good.  We go organic whenever we can.  However, there are times that an organic product may actually be inferior in taste or quality, and may sometimes be cost-preventative. 
  • Tea is a lifestyle.  We don’t just talk it…we live it.  We love our teas, drink them everyday, and won’t give you something that we don’t absolutely believe in.