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Free Sample
We would love to send you a free sample of one or more of our teas. What we actually send you is a hand-filled pouch with 3-4 cups worth of tea and some filters. All we ask you to do is cover shipping costs.

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This is Chad's favorite way to make a cup at a time.  It gives the leaves plenty of room to open up and give their flavor. You can also use it to brew a super-strong cup that can then be divided into 2-3 cups with added hot water.  Out of Stock

Filters Sacs:

Tea Sacs

Small (for individual/2 person servings)

Baggie of 25 tea filter sacs $4.00
Box of 100 small filter sacs $7.00
4 boxes of 100 filters $20.00 ($5.00/box)

Large (for up to 1/2 gallon amounts)

Baggie of 15 large tea filter sacs $4.00
Box of 100 large filter sacs $10.00

Variable Measuring Spoon:

Measuring Spoon

This simple tool is sure to become your best friend when making loose-leaf tea!  Measures ½ tsp up to 1 TB


(Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Shipping rates are based on the continental U.S. Please call or email for international rates)