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We would love to send you a free sample of one or more of our teas. What we actually send you is a hand-filled pouch with 3-4 cups worth of tea and some filters. All we ask you to do is cover shipping costs.

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Black Loose Leaf Teas

What distinguishes black tea from other types of tea is that it has been fully fermented, resulting in its distinct flavor and color.  Whether it’s southern iced tea, or a hot cup of Earl Grey, black tea is what most of us in the West have grown up knowing as tea.  Sadly, not much of it has been very fresh or flavorful…but we can be glad that the times they are changing!  

Warn your tastebuds, because here you will find two very different and flavorful loose leaf black teas that you are going to love!   (And for those of you who like an Earl Grey, we have a very special one in the works, due for release this fall!)

Finnigan’s Wakeup 

The Irish are known to say that tea should be strong enough to stand you spoon up in it. This Irish breakfast tea is indisputably bold, yet lively with fun flowery undertones. And it will take all the milk and sugar you can give it!

Fennigan's Wakeup

"Try Me": (8-10 cups)  $6.00
Regular: (2.75 oz/33 cups)  $12.00
36¢ per cup
1/2 lb : (97 cups)  $20.00
22¢ per cup
Ingredients: Full leaf Black Tea from India and China.

Jamie's Grey

Our out-of-the-ordinary rendition of the classic Earl Grey. A resolute black tea with a delightful citrus sparkle. The exotic aroma comes from Bergamot, an Italian citrus fruit. It is fantastic straight up, but is also amazing with cream and sugar!

Jamie's Grey

"Try Me": (8-10 cups)  $6.00
Regular: (2.5 oz/32 cups)  $12.00
38¢ per cup
1/2 lb : (94 cups)  $24.50
24¢ per cup
Ingredients: Full leaf black tea, essence of bergamot, organic lavender flowers.

Oh My Darjeeling

Nestled in the Himalayan foothills of northern India, the altitude, weather and rugged terrain of Darjeeling come together to give us what many consider to be the best black tea in the world. One of the defining characteristics of a great Darjeeling is its "muscatel" or floral character, and this single-estate Darjeeling is bursting with it!

Oh My Darjeeling

"Try Me": (8-10 cups)  $6.00
Regular: (2 oz/45 cups)  $12.00
24¢ per cup
1/2 lb : (192 cups)  $37.00
19¢ per cup
Ingredients: 100% Single-estate Full Leaf Black Tea from Darjeeling.

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