Free Sample
We would love to send you a free sample of one or more of our teas. What we actually send you is a hand-filled pouch with 3-4 cups worth of tea. All we ask you to do is cover shipping costs.

Click here for details and to request your sample.

Come see us! Our tea shop/retail store is located inside of Black Mountain Chocolate, at 732 N. Trade St., in downtown Winston-Salem.

Our blending facility is located at 1001 N. Marshall St., inside West Salem Square, an old mill. Let us know if you'd like to stop by.

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Wholesale Inquiries:
contact Thomas Lees
Tea Ambassador, Sales

All other inquiries:
contact Chad Morris
Owner, Tea Artisan

Mailing Address:
15 W. Devonshire St.,
Winston-Salem, NC, 27127

Iced Tea Kit

There is nothing like fantastic iced tea when it's hot, and here's your chance to try the best. Keep a pitcher in the fridge and savor these cool teas whenever you like. We include easy instructions for making 1/2 gallons, along with fun and tasty suggestions, such as adding raspberries or slices of fresh lime to the pitcher. We even tell you how to make iced lattes!

Along with our 3 best teas for making iced, the kit also includes 15 large tea filters and a free bag of our yummy organic Rooibos from South Africa,the tea used in Chad's famous Red Chai!

Chad's Iced Tea Kit includes a regular size of the following teas in re-sealable airtight bags:


  • Green Peace (2.75 oz)
  • Oh My Darjeeling (1.75 oz)
  • Green (2.4 oz)
  • Rooibos (3.25 oz) Full-flavored with hints of cherry, this organic rooibos is perfect for all ages and times of day, since it is naturally caffeine-free. It is also incredible for you. Ingredients: organic South African rooibos.

The kit also includes:

  • 15 large disposable tea filters
  • Easy to follow instructions and suggestions for each tea

Each bag makes about 3 pitchers (1/2 gallon size) of fabulous iced tea. (If you want to make a lot of a certain tea, we recommend buying the larger bags)

You’ve got to try the fruit!! We’ve been having so much fun sampling all kinds of fruit with these teas this Summer! Imagine at your next event, having a large pitcher of extraordinary iced tea with raspberries or lime floating gracefully on the top. Just add the fruit a few minutes before serving. It works with both fresh and frozen fruit. Here are our favorites at the moment. Try different ones and see which you like the best:

  • For Darjeeling: lime, raspberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple.
  • For Green: lime, strawberries, cucumber, watermelon, ginger/basil, mint, blackberries, and blueberries.
  • For Red: raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, mangos, and peach.


(Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Shipping rates are based on the continental U.S. Please call or email for international rates)