To request samples and wholesale prices, just call or email. For samples, we request $3 towards shipping. We╩╝ll send you an electronic invoice through PayPal. (Higher outside the U.S.)

Think profit: At a cost to you of about $.25 per cup, you have plenty of room for profit! And being hand-scooped Loose Leaf tea, you are adding value both in product and experience! Customers are willing to pay more for a cup of Loose Leaf tea.

Come see us! Our tea shop/retail store is located inside of Black Mountain Chocolate, at 732 N. Trade St., in downtown Winston-Salem.

Our blending facility is located at 1001 N. Marshall St., inside West Salem Square, an old mill. Let us know if you'd like to stop by.

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Wholesale Inquiries:
contact Thomas Lees
Tea Ambassador, Sales

All other inquiries:
contact Chad Morris
Owner, Tea Artisan

Mailing Address:
15 W. Devonshire St.,
Winston-Salem, NC, 27127

Wholesale Info

If it's not Chad's, it's not Chai!  We want you to be as proud of your tea as you are of your coffee.  When you parter with us, you're bringing the best to your customers.  It's good tea made easy...all full-leaf, and you will taste the difference!

"Camino customers love Chad's Chai lattes, and they keep coming back for more."  Jack Duffus, manager of Camino Bakery, Winston-Salem, NC.

Full Leaf Pouches-Chais

Brewed fresh in your store.  No powders or artificial creamers here!  Each 2 pouches give you a 1/2 gal. of essence, which makes 14 12oz lattes.

Chad's Original Black Chai-
Bag of 24 Pouches 
(33 cents/12oz latte)
Chad's Red Chai (caffeine-free, all organic)-
Bag of 24 Pouches 
(38 cents/12oz latte)
Chad's Mate Chai (all organic)-
Bag of 24 Pouches 
(47 cents/12oz latte)

"Chad's Chai always gets me compliments.  I have heard so many positives after the first drink!  One lady who claims to have travelled the world said this is the best chai she had ever had.  I have a number of regular chai customers who drink it daily or weekly.  I feel it is one of the reasons we have now won 3 Best Coffee Shop awards.  We do so by offering the best we can buy and prepare and Chad's Chai is on top of the list."  
              Kirk Knapp, owner of Tastebuds Coffee and Tea, Salisbury, NC.

Full Leaf Pouches-Iced Teas

Each iced tea pouch brews a gallon of the most amazing iced tea!
Green Peace-
Bag of 12 Pouches 
(about 29 cents/16oz glass)
Green (straight green tea, all organic)
Bag of 12 Pouches 
(about 29 cents/16oz glass)

Have fun adding different fresh or frozen fruits to this one!  Our favorites: lime, strawberry, cucumber, watermelon, ginger/basil, and mint. 

For ordering our loose teas, email us at, or call (336)775-8577.

"I can't overstate how proud I am of the quality of Chad's fine teas.  Our coffee shop is located only a few blocks from a well-reputed English style tea room.  Despite their reputation, I have a significant number of clients who pass by the tea room and come to me for Chad's Chai and teas.  That speaks volumes to me!"  Jonathan Andrus, owner of Gelateria Tavolini, St. Louis.


Wholesale FAQs

How long does it stay fresh?

Tea retains its flavor and freshness much longer when not crushed or pulverized!  Our full-leaf teas, stored in airtight containers, will be fresh for at least a year.

What’s the deal with Loose Leaf tea?

Serving Loose Leaf tea says to your customers that you are committed to giving them the very best.  You are joining in on an ancient tradition of fine art, and everyone gets to see and taste the quality and the beauty. 

How do I prepare it?

  • Steep a cup or pot at a time.  Simply scoop some tea into a filter bag/infuser and add hot water. 
  • Or prepare tea essence with our full-leaf pouches.  This gives you a concentrate to make great chai lattes!!  Essence stays good for a week.