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Bringing People Together

to share a cup and a moment

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People have gathered together over food and drink since our beginnings. It’s part of who we are. We’re meant for community, for sharing life with each other. And so we hope our teas might be more than enjoyed, but that they would also be opportunities for sharing, for community.


core values

a poker game, a wedding, and a pub

Years back, Chad was introduced to Indian style chai through some neighbors, who would have a monthly chai party and invite all their friends.  A large pot sat steaming on the stove, filling the whole house with amazing spice aroma as they played music, games, and hung out.  To Chad, it was magical.  He began to try his own hand at blending Indian spices with tea and milk, and started making pots of it for gatherings of friends.

Not long after that, Chad began having a weekly chai-on-the-porch time with his friend "Zoo" (which has continued almost every Friday for over 10 years.)  Zoo was getting married, and asked Chad to make a pot of chai for the wedding, and also to make little tea-bags as party favors.  At that point, they decided to start selling it.

Sometime in the next few months, Zoo and Chad were playing a game of poker, and a man began speaking of opening an Irish restaurant, and wanting to carry good tea.  Everyone pointed down the table at Chad.  That night, he asked Chad to be his "Tea Man," and the restaurant would become Finnigan's Wake Irish Pub and Kitchen in downtown Winston-Salem, the 1st business to start serving Chad's tea.  

Now, Chad's Chai is served in over 50 coffeeshops and restaurants and continues to bring friends together in magical ways.

in the press

Having tried Chad’s Chai and Finnigan’s Wakeup [...], I am absolutely flabbergasted (in a very, very good way) at how amazing they are. Without doubt, the best tea I’ve ever had the joy of tasting.
— Brianna Felix
[Pepé Le Tea] has a very full body, and is really designed for the mint lover. I can see myself drinking this year-round as it is THE best mint tea I have ever tasted.
[Green Peace] has a light, creamy butter taste in the background which when combined with the minty flavors, comes across as a very creamy mint taste. Delicious! This tea tastes invigorating, but there is a certain soothing property to it as well. I feel more relaxed as I continue to sip it.
[Cocoa Maté is] interesting and delightful with a hint of cocoa flavor that’s earthy and herby and when made into a latte and topped with a bit of cinnamon [...] it’s just ahhhhh, just the thing.
— Triad Foodies