A Pot of Naked Chai


The Naked Chai is a little secret we've been working on for a while and are so glad to finally share! Unlike the rest of our teas, Naked Chai needs to be steeped in milk, not water! This is the traditional Indian way of making chai, so it's nice to give homage to that with this recipe.

You'll definitely want to do this recipe on the stove top as it's important that the milk doesn't cool down while the spices are steeping. Also, be careful when you boil milk - if you don't keep an eye on it, the milk is likely to boil over!

After you've let the spices steep in the simmering milk for seven minutes, pour the hot milk and spices through a strainer into another pot or pitcher for serving. Feel free to froth the milk with a frothing wand if you have one, and sprinkle with cinnamon to really serve it up right!

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