Iced Tea Sampler

Iced Tea Sampler


Peachy Keen • Oh My Darjeeling • Green Peace • Original Black Chai • Green

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Our favorites iced!!  This sampler is perfect for the iced tea lover - whether you're entertaining or you just want to enjoy it yourself. Each bag makes a half gallon of amazing iced tea and comes with easy to follow instructions. And if you just want to make a cup at a time, the bags are airtight and re-sealable, so you're good to go. 

Our earth-friendly packaging uses minimal materials. The teas come wrapped up inside a beautiful reusable linen bag. Have fun adding fresh fruit to these, and check out our recipes section for our favorites!

the teas

  • Peachy Keen — Light, floral, and refreshing.  Peach accents the delicate white tea's natural flavor, and raspberry adds a pleasing twist at the end. 
    » Ingredients: (all organic) White tea, raspberries, white peach extract
  • Oh My Darjeeling — One of the defining characteristics of a great Darjeeling is its "muscatel" or floral character, and this single-estate Darjeeling is bursting with it!
    » Ingredients: organic single-estate Darjeeling black tea
  • Green Peace — The perfect blend of smooth green tea and mint leaf.
    » Ingredients: (all organic) full leaf Chinese green tea, spearmint, peppermint
  • Chad’s Original Black Chai — An exotic India style masala chai-lots of ginger, clove, and cardamom.
    » Ingredients: full leaf Indian black tea, org. cinnamon, black pepper, clove, org. chili pepper, org. ginger, star anise, org. cardamom
  • Green — Alive and full-flavored with exquisite floral notes. Hints of smoke and chocolate.
    » Ingredients: organic full leaf green tea