Winter Sampler

Winter Sampler

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Naked Chai • Cocoa Minty • S'mores

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This sampler is perfect for warming you up on those chilly winter nights. Each of these is a delicious treat that's served best sweet and creamy. Whether you're looking for a bright boost of energy (the Cocoa Minty), a chocolaty treat reminding you of that great camping trip (the S’mores), or a caffeine-free bit of creamy indulgence (the Naked Chai) - this sampler has you covered. We’ve created each blend without ANY artificial - or even "natural" - flavors. Like the rest of our teas, we refuse to take short cuts to great flavor. So steep a cup and bundle up, winter never tasted so good.

Each tea comes in an airtight/re-sealable bag and makes an average of 20 cups of extraordinary tea. Note that all our teas are loose-leaf, so you will need a French Press, tea pot or brewing basket, or you can select the tea filter option. Complete brewing instructions and ingredient information are included on the individual bags. Our earth-friendly packaging uses minimal materials and comes wrapped up inside a beautiful reusable linen bag.


  • Naked Chai No tea & all spice! Warm and creamy, Naked Chai is a great caffeine-free option for all ages.
    » Ingredients: (all organic) cinnamon, clove, ginger root, star anise, cardamom, black pepper, chili pepper

  • Cocoa Minty — The rich chocolate, malty maté, and smooth vanilla of our Cocoa Maté combined with bright, cool peppermint leaf.
    » Ingredients: (all organic) cocoa husks, yerba maté, roasted yerba maté, vanilla bean extract

  • S'mores Just as delicious and toasty as a campfire-roasted s’more with the creamy, slightly-singed marshmallow, the rich chocolate, and the cinnamon graham cracker!
    » Ingredients: (all organic) Cocoa husks, roasted chicory, cinnamon, marshmallow root, black tea, Lapsang Souchong (a smoked black tea), vanilla bean extract