Cocoa Maté

Cocoa Maté

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Earthy • Malty • Chocolate

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Rich chocolate flavor, smooth Maté energy, and a touch of smoke. We created this tea using organic cocoa husks from our friends at Black Mountain Chocolate. 

Perfect for a chilly day, Cocoa Maté is warm and relaxing, and goes great with cream and honey! Think if hot cocoa were a tea...just better. And something nice about Yerba Mate is that it gives smooth energy for about 5 hours, without the jolt or jitters you might get from coffee or tea!

This one makes amazing lattes!!  For fantastic, easy lattes, you can do a cup at a time, or make a pitcher of essence to keep in the fridge. When serving a latte, combine equal amounts essence and milk, then steam (or pour over ice!) The large pouches make for simple measuring.

Ingredients: (all organic) cocoa husks, yerba maté, roasted yerba maté, vanilla bean extract

SIZE & PRICE DETAILS (cup = 12 oz.):

  • Large - 0.5 lbs of loose tea = 72 cups @ 26¢ ea.

  • XL - 2 lbs of loose tea = 288 cups @ 23¢ ea.

  • Bag of 12 Large Pouches = 168 12oz cups @ 28¢ ea.
    ( Each pouch makes a gallon of Cocoa Maté or a half gallon of essence for lattes )


  • Small - $6

  • Regular - $12