Cocoa Minty

Cocoa Minty

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Mint • Chocolate • Smooth

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While chocolate and mint have been a culinary combination for centuries, many of us are most familiar with the delicious little treat created by Andrew Kanelos in the 1920's. He supposedly renamed his "Andy's Candies" to simply "Andes" because men had misgivings about giving their partners treats with another man's name on it!

This tea takes the rich chocolate, malty maté, and smooth vanilla of our Cocoa Maté, and combines them with bright, cool peppermint leaf. As always, our organic Dominican cocoa husks come from our friends at Black Mountain Chocolate. The husk is the shell of the cocoa bean that is removed when making chocolate, but it sure steeps a great tea! This one is delicious by itself, or with a little cream and sugar.

Ingredients (all organic): cocoa husks, yerba maté, peppermint leaf, roasted yerba maté, vanilla bean extract

SIZE & PRICE DETAILS (cup = 12 oz.):

  • Large - 0.5 lbs of loose tea = 94 cups @ 20¢ ea.

  • XL - 2 lbs of loose tea = 376 cups @ 17¢ ea.


  • Small - $6

  • Regular - $12