Yerba Maté (Green)

Yerba Maté (Green)

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Grass • Bright • Sweet

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Our Yerba Maté is a blend of two different varieties that gives this tea the perfect balance of body and brightness. This blend is fully organic and, like all our teas, free of any additives or flavorings.

Maté is the "tea" of South America - leaves from the yerba maté plant are dried, cut, and then steeped in hot water, where they release a beautifully rich, grassy, and slightly smokey flavor. While maté does have caffeine, it is released in the body in a much more gradual manner, providing a longer-lasting energy without the jitters or crash that many associate with caffeine - and some who typically avoid caffeine have no adverse reactions to maté.

Ingredients: 100% organic green yerba maté

SIZE & PRICE DETAILS (cup = 12 oz.):

  • Large - 0.5 lbs of loose tea = 80 cups @ 18¢ ea.

  • XL - 2 lbs of loose tea = 320 cups @ 14¢ ea.