Chad's Original Black Chai Even though we use seven different spices in our version of a masala chai, it doesn't overpower the delicious loose-leaf Assam tea.

Chad's Original Black Chai

from 3.00
Chad's Red Chai uses rooibos instead of black tea for this delicious decaf twist on an Indian masala chai. For Chad's Red Chai, we tweaked the spices to compliment the rooibos at the heart of this delicious loose-leaf tea.

Chad's Red Chai

from 3.00
Chai Yai Yai is a loose-leaf masala chai with an extra spicy kick. While the ingredients for Chai Yai Yai are there same as the Original Black Chai, there's an extra helping of black and chili pepper that gives this tea a spicy kick!

Chai Ya Yai

from 3.00
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Jade Oolong

from 4.00
Maté Chai is a unique take on the masala chai, using yerba mate instead of black tea for the base. Maté Chai has unique spices that compliment the flavor of the yerba mate.

Maté Chai

from 3.00