Chad's Original Black Chai Even though we use seven different spices in our version of a masala chai, it doesn't overpower the delicious loose-leaf Assam tea.

Chad's Original Black Chai

from 3.00
Chad's Red Chai For Chad's Red Chai, we tweaked the spices to compliment the rooibos at the heart of this delicious loose-leaf tea.

Chad's Red Chai

from 3.00
Chai Yai Yai is a loose-leaf masala chai with an extra spicy kick. While the ingredients for Chai Yai Yai are there same as the Original Black Chai, there's an extra helping of black and chili pepper that gives this tea a spicy kick!

Chai Ya Yai

from 3.00
Cocoa Maté is a delicious blend of cocoa husks, yerba mate, and vanilla. This treat of a loose-leaf tea has delightful chocolate and energy-giving yerba mate with a touch of vanilla for smoothness.

Cocoa Maté

from 3.00
Cocoa Minty cocoa-minty-1.jpg

Cocoa Minty

from 3.00
CPR is an herbal loose-leaf tea that smells like a field of wild-flowers! Chamomile, peppermint, rooibos, ginger and lavender all come together for a perfectly relaxing loose-leaf tea.


from 3.00
Finnigan's Wakeup is an Irish Breakfast black tea that is good and strong and stout. We blend two different teas to get just the right loose-leaf blend in this tea.

Finnigan's Wakeup

from 3.00
Green tea is very traditional, and we sought out the very best full leaf green tea we could. This is one of only a few teas we offer that are not blends.


from 4.00
Green Peace is a green mint tea that is delicious both hot or cold. This loose-leaf tea blend uses three different green teas plus a special blend of peppermint and spearmint.

Green Peace

from 3.00
oolong-product.jpg oolong-board-Edit.jpg

Jade Oolong

from 4.00
Jamie's Grey is our version of the traditional Earl Grey. We not only use a blend of two different loose-leaf black teas, but we also add lavender!

Jamie's Grey

from 3.00
Maté Chai is a unique take on the masala chai, using yerba mate instead of black tea for the base. Maté Chai has unique spices that compliment the flavor of the yerba mate.

Maté Chai

from 3.00
This is a full-leaf darjeeling black tea that is surprisingly delicate and floral. We sought out the best loose-leaf darjeeling we could find!

Oh My Darjeeling

from 4.00
Peachy Keen is a fruit tea with peaches and raspberries. For this fruit tea, we use loose-leaf white tea, real raspberries, and peach extract (from real peaches!)

Peachy Keen

from 3.00
Pepé Le Tea is a peppermint tea perfect for if you are sick or after a great meal to help with digestion. This loose-leaf tea is clean and bright and very refreshing.

Pepé Le Tea

from 3.00
S'mores smores-cream-web.jpg


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sunset-product-small.jpg sunset-1.jpg

Strawberry Summer

from 3.00
better-together-gift-set-1.jpg better-together-gift-set-2.jpg

Better Together Gift Set

chai-tea-set-1.jpg gift-bag-2.jpg

Chai Sampler

from 23.00
3-tea-set-1.jpg gift-bag-2.jpg

Three Tea Sampler

from 17.00
gift-bag-3.jpg gift-bag-2.jpg

Five Tea Sampler

from 27.00
Custom Five Tea Sampler gift-bag-2.jpg

Custom Five Tea Sampler

from 28.00
Perfect tool for steeping loose-leaf tea at home - makes it super easy!

Loose Leaf Steeping Basket

Tea Filters Makes it easy to steep loose-leaf tea on the go.

Tea Filters

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