Jade Oolong

Jade Oolong

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Honeysuckle • Blueberry • Almond

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2 tsp     8 oz | 175° F     4-5 min

Caffeine: Medium  

Ingredients: Full leaf oolong tea from Anxi county, China

Made in the legendary Chinese style called Tieguanyin (Ti Kuan Yin), this flowery green oolong is delightfully complex, with notes of apricot, honey, and plum, and has a subtly creamy texture.

Make sure to steep at a cooler temperature (around 175°-185° F)* to bring out all of this tea’s wonderful complexities.

Tieguanyin is named after Guanyin, the goddess of mercy. The story goes that a poor man found an old overgrown temple in the woods, and over time restored it. In gratitude, Guanyin made a tea plant grow right outside the temple. The tea was so good that it became famous and helped the man’s people come out of poverty.