Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen

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Floral • Delicate • Melon

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1 Tbsp     8 oz | 185° F     6 min

Caffeine: Low  

Ingredients: (all organic) Pai Mu Tan white tea, raspberries, pure white peach extract

Reminiscent of a sunny spring afternoon, this tea is light, floral, and refreshing.  At the heart of the blend is Pai Mu Tan, a white tea, rare and delicate. Peach accents the tea's natural flavor, and raspberry adds a pleasing twist at the end. Given our commitments to authentic flavor and balance, we use real peach extract - not "flavor" - and just enough to complement the white tea, not overwhelm it.

This one is fantastic iced!  If making a pitcher, add pzazz with some fresh raspberries or basil.

Prep Note: Be gentle with this one. If too hot or steeped too long, this tea might become bitter.  Let boiled water sit 1-2 minutes before pouring.


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