Cocoa Maté

Cocoa Maté

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Earthy • Malty • Chocolate

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1.5 tsp     8 oz | 205° F     6 min

Caffeine: Low  

Ingredients (all organic):  cocoa husks, yerba maté, roasted yerba maté, vanilla bean extract

Rich chocolate flavor, smooth Maté energy, and a touch of smoke. We created this tea using organic cocoa husks from our friends at Black Mountain Chocolate. The husk is the part of the cocoa bean that is not used in making chocolate, but it sure makes a great tea. 

Perfect for a chilly day, Cocoa Maté is warm and relaxing, and goes great with cream and honey! Think if hot cocoa were a tea...just better. And something nice about Yerba Mate is that it gives smooth energy for about 5 hours, without the jolt or jitters you might get from coffee or tea!