Cocoa Maté Lattes


Cocoa Maté is wonderful on its own, though adding some cream and sugar gives it that smooth sweetness reminiscent of hot chocolate. For an even more delectable treat, use this recipe for Cocoa Maté lattes. It's the perfect cool weather drink that tastes like your childhood grew up in all the best ways!

You can easily make this recipe on your stove top with a couple pots and a strainer. Make sure the heat is off and the tea is covered while it steeps. After it's finished steeping, you'll have essence (tea that's twice as strong).

To make a latte, use equal parts milk and essence. Simply steam and sprinkle on some cinnamon or cocoa.  For an iced latte, just pour over ice. 

This recipe will give you about 6 lattes.  If you'd like to make more, you can double the amount of water, tea, and sugar, but leave the steep time the same.

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