Using Steeping Baskets

Using steeping baskets is incredibly easy and really the most eco-friendly way to brew single cups of tea. As the video above shows, all you need to do is place the right amount of loose-leaf tea in the filter, set it atop your cup, and then fill your cup with hot water. The Finum baskets we sell even have lids to help keep the heat in as it steeps and then double as convenient little saucers to place the basket on once you're done! And rather than throwing away tea bag after tea bag, these filters simply need a little rinse before they can be reused. It really couldn't be any easier to enjoy loose-leaf tea than this! 

A quick word on our choice of filter baskets: While there are much cuter and more elegant options out there, these Finum baskets take the cake for two reasons. First, many filters are simply too small to allow full-leaf tea to expand enough to steep well. These baskets, however, provide more than adequate space for even the biggest tea leaves to expand and release their flavor. Second, most other filters are metallic chambers with (sometimes surprisingly few) holes along the surface. The Finum baskets, on the other hand, are mesh, and this allows for a much better exchange of water in the basket with the water in the cup. This ensures that the flavor from your tea gets into you cup rather than getting stuck in the basket. This is why we love these filters. They aren't the prettiest, we admit that. But if you want the most out of your tea, you can't do much better than these!