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We believe that good tea comes from good ingredients - ingredients that grow in sunshine and soil, not in labs. This is why we are committed to never using artificial or “natural” flavorings. There is simply too much beauty and flavor in the world, and too much joy in pursuing and finding it. To forego that journey and settle for a substitution results in a tea - and a life! - that just isn’t as full or as true as it could be. We want the journey and the truth, and we think they’re worth the trouble. As part of this pursuit, we create teas that are hand-blended with the best nature has to provide. Teas that are worth creating. Teas worth sharing.

 Camellia sinensis is the scientific name for the tea plant.

why tea?

 These are a few of our favorite loose-leaf tea blends.

why loose leaf?

 Green Peace is one of our favorite loose-leaf tea blends.

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